"Sometimes it's hard to see the picture when you're in the frame." 

Training Services

Available Online or In-Person..... Haul-Ins Welcome

We all know that a relationship with a horse is far more than just a pet.  A relationship with a horse, whether it’s a horse we use in competition or one we enjoy for recreational pleasure, is much different from any other partnership.  The art of riding is about being in balance with the horse. The same can be said of the relationship with our horse. When we experience challenges with our equine partner, they tend to be complex, emotionally charged and can easily feel overwhelming. Whether it’s on an Emotional, Mental, Physical or Spiritual level, determining where we are out of balance and understanding how to remedy it is usually something we all need help with.  

I’m happy to be able to offer support to riders of all disciplines in the areas of: Equine Relationships, Equine Education and Horsemanship (rider education)

Examples of How I Can Help 

Recreational Rider Needs Help w/ OTTB
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Adult Amateur Comes Back to Competitive Riding
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Trailblazing Adult Needs Help with Her "Naughty" Horse
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Making The Most of a Mismatch
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Coming Back From a Long Lay-up
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To Sell or Not to Sell
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